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The Disease of Addiction

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on February 13, 2012 by Her Broken Wing

The news of Whitney Houston’s death comes on the shirttail of another death in our town of a young mother fighting the disease of addiction. It is sad and it is a reminder of how powerful this illness is.

Facebook, Twitter and the news have filled the pages with all sorts of comments from the public. Many are not so nice. Whether you believe addiction is a disease or a self-inflicted overindulgence, the outcome is the same. Life is not sustainable without help.

My question is if the Diabetic as such is told they can come off medicines if they lose weight but chose not to, consequently they suffer a debilitating illness, and does this make them less of a person? Heart disease is mostly preventable in a society where obesity and / or high cholesterol is an epidemic yet heart disease continues to be the number one killer.

We take the disease of addiction, choice or not and society looks at it as a moral defect. Tell me the difference between this and the diabetic secondary to obesity?

Whitney Houston hung onto a man that continued to use and abuse drugs which enabled her to as well. Do we not do that in households that continue to keep junk food in their pantries after grandpa suffers a heart attack?

I will need treatment the remainder of my days. My disease is in remission just for today. But I must feed on God’s word and exercise my faith.

It does anger me that people judge without knowing all the facts. I am a good person. I am a professional. I am a Christian wife, mom and child. I live with this disease that I did not choose. I pray daily for freedom from its stronghold.  So no, I don’t wish to be intoxicated no more than the obese person wishes to be a diabetic.

Maybe we should extend a hand instead of an opinion.

And Judge not. (Matt 7:1-2)

Beautifully Awkward


Look At Her Butt

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 1, 2010 by Her Broken Wing

Just look at her butt. Is my butt that big? Deep down I don’t care for this person so I jump on board and continue to diminish the character of this person until there is nothing left but to spit out the bones–unbeknownst to her.  The conversation is so derogatory that it would knock an Angel right out of its’ cozy nest on a snow glisten night.

Why must we do this to each other?

There is something about peering into the life of another. We are rubbernecking in a sense. We come upon a car accident; we will slow down to a snail’s pace.  We are enamored by the gruesome mutilation that devours the human body.  Our mind goes into the “what if’s”. We cannot remove our gaze from the sight for deep within us, the grotesqueness takes us to a place we dare not go …

Dark, cold and deep in the center core…is where we spend most of our life running from.

Whether we are the victim or the bystander, we are all but small frail humans. We desperately seek to be accepted and loved—at any cost. We would sell our soul to the Devil if it meant one moment of pleasure.  (Genesis 25:29-34)

We all have been there. Some are still there. We want to matter to someone. We would rather suffer in pain and agony than to not matter at all. This is why the Emergency Rooms are so full. Many of the patients injuries sadly, are self-inflicted or could have been prevented. But these patients are seeking attention. Or seeking the drugs to dull their senses and take them out of the  agony so they no longer feel. 

 What are we looking for?

We are looking to measure up, to be measured by and yet, when it comes to God we won’t let Him fill our measuring cup. We live in secret. We live in darkness. (Isaiah 45:19)

It is only in that small flicker of light, and where we can call out for hope in a newfound peace. So many people try to describe a God as one that is scurrying around trying to get His house in order but this isn’t the case. The Resurrection of Christ was not some desperate last-minute thought of God’s part to save the Hero. It was God’s original plan all along. His Son was and is our Hope.

Jesus is our love, our acceptance; He is our hope.

Beautifully Awkward